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CCH Equity

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CCH Equity
Release Highlights  

This Service Pack to version 3.4 of CCH Equity-e includes the following enhancements:

  • Changes to computation of indexation on assets held in corporate funds to reflect the announced freezing of indexation at the RPI factor for December 2017.
  • Some increases to table sizes and sorting to facilitate the processing of larger work packages than before and to improve computation speed.
Computation & Reporting Changes  

Indexation Freeze

  • The program has been changed so that no indexation is calculated in respect of the acquisition of assets subject to indexation after 31 December 2017.
  • For assets and pools first acquired before 2018, indexation based on the RPI for December 2017 will be calculated on the pre-existing pool at the date of the first operative event for an asset after 31 December 2017. No more indexation is added to the pool in respect of later changes to the pool.
  • When there is disposal of the pool or asset, indexation is used as normal. Part of the indexation is used where there is a part disposal of pool.
  • The indexation date column on schedules will be blank from 2018 onwards for operative event transactions in respect of assets that do not form part of an earlier pool first acquired after 2017.
  • The indexation date column on schedules will generally read DEC 17 from 2018 onwards for operative event transactions in respect of assets that form part of a pool first acquired before 2017.
  • The change to indexation date column may be coupled with a further change to schedule including an extra blank row appearing before a balance row on a schedule.

Table Sizes and Sorting
The change to table size and sorting should give rise to faster computation runs for some sets of data.

SQL Maintenance Plans

When some clients experienced slow performance recently, it was found that SQL Maintenance Plans as set out in the deployment instructions were not fully implemented. Running "Update Statistics" gave a large improvement. Please do not hesitate to contact the support team if you wish to discuss your SQL Maintenance Plan. 

System Administrator

Basic Upgrade Instructions

These instructions cover the upgrade process at a high level. 
The upgrade to Equity-e is made from If you have an earlier version of the program installed, please contact CCH software support to discuss your upgrade options. The upgrade is free from all .Net versions of Equity although a charge may be made for installation support consultancy. 

  • Your current version of Equity-e is

Note: before installing this upgrade you must ensure that:

- You have taken a backup copy of your Equity-e webfolder.
- You have made a full backup of the sql database connected to Equity-e.

Our CCH Software Support Team can help you with any specific queries or problems that you may encounter whilst upgrading your software, however, we are not able to talk you through the complete upgrade process. If you need help upgrading, we offer an upgrade service at an additional cost (this must be booked in advance). For further information please create a case or contact us on 0844 561 8181 (option #3). 


To download the Equity-e file click here - download to the server which contains your webfolder. (Please ask if you need a link to a 7z folder.)

On the webserver

Copy the file in the zip folder to the Equity Bin Folder replacing the existing file.


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