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Sales Invoicing - Timelines

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Timelines create an audit trail. They highlight each action from the creation of the invoice, to when the invoice has been emailed / posted into Twinfield, time stamping who did what and when.  This includes the customer viewing the invoice when the ‘send by email as link’ option has been chosen.

  • From the creation to the payment of an invoice Twinfield creates the timeline.


  • Click ‘Due’ to list all current invoices which are not due for payment yet
  • 1.   Click ‘Overdue’ to list all current invoice which are overdue for payment 



  • The ‘Eye’ icon – For every invoice emailed to the customer this icon will appear on the right hand side on the screen. See screen print above. If the icon is grey the customer has not viewed the invoice.


  • Once the invoice link has been viewed the ‘Eye’ icon will be updated and highlighted green. The timeline for this particular invoice will be stamped with the date and time.

Please note: The invoice can also be printed.


  • The ‘Paid’ dashboard displays which invoices have been paid.






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