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Credit Management - Accounts Receivable

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The reminder function enables the production of letters to be sent to your customers which have balances outstanding after a given number of days.

In order for these letters to be produced the following areas must be configured in your company.

  • Accounts Receivable
  • Create reminder scenarios
  • Create and upload word template
Accounts receivable:

The accounts receivable module is located under the financials professionals clipboard_ec3414e040c30b0efd681d364cb1457a6.png dimensions.

Click the classic icon for ‘Accounts Receiveable’.


Enter your new customer code or click 'First free code'.

Click on tab 'Addresses to enter the following information

Attention of, Address, City, Post code, VAT number, Email address etc.,

On the ‘Credit management’ tab the ‘Reminder/statement’ option must be set to the following : -


  • Yes by email: Ensure an email address has been included on the account.
  • Yes: PDF will be generated and stored in the file manager.
  • No: Reminders/Statements will not be generated for this customer.

Select ‘Payment conditions’ to adjust number of days due and discount information.

Click 'Save'.


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