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Report Design

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Twinfield offers over 50 standard reports that are available for the whole Twinfield organisation. It is possible to create new reports that are based on existing reports.



Each report is built in three sections:

  • Grouping
  • Details
  • Totals

Report design enables the level 1 user access the following:

  • Delete groupings
  • Move, delete, drag unused groups and define detail fields or totals to standard report.
  • Define which users are allowed to select the reports.

Click 'Financial Professionals' from the menu bar.

Select option Extended trial balance.


The following criteria can be defined:

  • Company
  • Reporting Structure
  • Period
  • General ledger code
  • Customer, Supplier, Cost centre
  • Provisional/Final
  • Rounding


Click Next to run the report, then select the option clipboard_ee49a1ed6932d6aa898f56e87ac0fd5ed.png

The standard reports are designed by the System and cannot be deleted from the Twinfield organisation. Reports designed by a Level 1 user can be deleted from Twinfield.



clipboard_e593a328ecf11a03de0f67efae9b47699.png  Click on this icon to add a grouping.

clipboard_e90a98d371f258c244b7d66e1e8124b65.png  Click on this icon to add, delete or prioritise a sort.

clipboard_e01f2e2b2bbfb169606f8a6fb95a41af9.png  Delete a group or detail field


In the table view field, depending on the type of report, you can select,
•    Detail
•    Grouped
•    Pivot table

Criteria tab
Here you can pre-define your selection criteria.

PDF format tab
Here you can define when to start a new page, to print landscape or portrait and to add a footer.



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