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Reverse Depreciation

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Reverse Depreciation

It is possible to reverse depreciation within the fixed asset module, this creates a system journal in the financials for the reversal.

Click the tick box for the individual asset.


Select the 'Reverse depreciation' option.


This will display the following information which will need to be completed to process your reversal.


From period This is the last period of depreciation. This period cannot be changed.
Till Period Define the period for the asset reversal.  Please note: The transaction can be reversed back to the first period of use.
Comment Add a reason for the reversal.
Post in first open period If a period is closed during manual depreciation, the transaction will be posted in the first open period.
Exclude manual depreciation from reversal Tick this option if you wish to exclude any manual depreciation calculated from being reversed.

To complete the process click 'Reverse'.




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