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Accounting Dimensions

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The Accounting Dimensions ‘Balance sheet’ and ‘Profit and Loss’ form the nominal coding of the financial reporting. If you are using Cost Centres, further analysis is typically applied to profit and loss account codes.  Nominal codes can be set to matchable for accruals.


Select 'Profit and Loss' then click into the code field, type in the general ledger code you need to create.  In this example we are using code 7304 then click ‘Next’.


Click into the Name field then enter the name of the account. In this example we are using ‘Miscellaneous motor expenses’.


To link a ‘Cost centre’ to a nominal code follow the steps below.

  1. Click on Tab ‘Links’,
  2. Set Further analysis to ‘Yes’.
  3. Click on Add, the double click the field next to type, this will display a list of Dimension types.
  4. Select type ‘KPL’ Cost Centre then click 'Save'.  


Video: Watch our video on Dimensions




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