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Assign bank lines

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Assign bank lines


Assigning bank rules uses automatic recognition. This feature will automatically attempt to code bank statement lines based on rules previosuly saved


Assign bank lines is split into several trays.
  • To assign - red: Twinfield Accounting has not automatically been able to establish a link between the payment / receipt, a manual action is needed
  • Proposed - blue: Twinfield Accounting has been able to establish a link between the payment /receipt
    • These lines can be accepted one by one
    • Or as a batch
  • Investigate - orange: A bank line can be flagged as investigate and will be listed in this tray
  • Assigned - green: Completed bank lines which have been manually coded or matched by a rule
List search and criteria


The bank statement lines can be filtered and searched using the filter bar

The bank statement filters will default to the last filter used.  When accessing the bank statement lines list by clicking on a bank statement, the list is initially filtered to the lines for the date of the bank statement.


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