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Ribbon - layout - View options.PNG

Click on Views to list the different layouts available for the main grid (where the Accounts are shown):

Normal View: shows the accounts in the standard view:

Ribbon - view normal.PNG

Extended view: shows the accounts in dual screen view, with the second screen showing a key to which tags are applied, when Show Tags button is on.

Ribbon - extended view.PNG

Dual year view: shows this year and a template, e.g. last year’s accounts side by side when a template is loaded. This is used for converted document (Word and Excel). Conversion licence is required.

Ribbon - dual view.PNG

Edit Document view: provides the ability to edit the loaded accounts in a word processing mode. This should only be used in exceptional circumstances. Any required changes will normally be made in CCH Accounts Production then the final version of the accounts relaunched from within CCH AP.

Ribbon - edit view.PNG

Show Tags 

Ribbon - layout - view tags.PNG

  • Click on it to display the name of the tags when the normal view is displayed. Click on it to on/off.
  • To visualise the tags on a second screen, choose the Extended View when Show Tags is on.

Ribbon - show tags.PNG

Tag Properties 

Ribbon - layout - tag properties.PNG

  • Click on it to display Tag properties grid beneath the Taxonomy on the right of the screen. Click on it to on/off.

Ribbon -tag properties.PNG


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