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Launching from CCH Accounts Production

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Launching from CCH Accounts Production - generate the file for submission
  1. Access the client's Accounts Production screen.
  2. From the left, under the Task Bar, click on Financial Statements.
  3. If the company is Small then choose, via the Print selection, the type of Accounts which will be converted to iXBRL.

Print selection.PNG

4. To launch the CCH iXBRL Review & Tag, from the ribbon bar click on Review iXBRL

Launchin iXBRL from AP.PNG

5. After the XML file is generated, save it on the recommended location or save in another location (i.e.depends on your internal process). The name of the file is auto-generated.

For Financial Statement for members the file name will contain: the name of the company, the year end and the word 'Members'. This helps you to identify the type of Accounts.

   Save as after launching.PNG

6. The following message appears only when Financial Statements for Member is generated, press OK.

DPL message.PNG

7. The Review & Tag opens, having the XML's name on the description of the tab, which assures which type of Accounts you are working on. The details of navigation will be explained on the next section.

Full screen iXBRL R&T.PNG

The XML file description contains the name of the company, the accounting period end and the type of the Accounts: it contains the word 'Members' for Financial Statements for Members and the words 'Small Filing' for Small Company Reduced Filing Accounts.


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