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How to apply tags within a format at the client level

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There may be occasions when a user needs to apply a tag within a format at the client level. For example if a spare note is used to disclose information, which is not anywhere else on the Accounts.

Illustration of how to apply tag at a client level

For example: a spare note was used to disclose the balance of the director's loan

1. Within CCH Accounts Production, click on Financial Statements

2. Select and open the format by double clicking on it 

3. The format opens in a new tab, from the ribbon click on Draft and click Show iXBRL Tags

Tagging a spare note in a client level.PNG

4. To apply the tag, right click on the cell and click Edit iXBRL Tags.

Apply Tag in a spare note in a client level.PNG

5. The following screens are displayed, the first line on the left screen shows the formula of the cell and if the format is local.

Apply the tag from the taxonomy screen on the right as explained below:

Apply Tag in a spare note in a client level 1.PNG

  1. Click Edit button.
  2. Click on the ellipsis button Buttom Ellipisis.PNG to display the Taxonomy.
  3. Search for the tag or go to the folder using the scroll bar on the right.
  4. When the tag is located, highlight it, make sure the Date Context is correct and click OK.
  5. The Tag properties grid shows the legislation reference for the tag.

6. Once the tag is applied at a client level by the user, the cells are highlighted in RED which means that the tag was applied by the user and not by the system, as below:

Tagged by a user at local level.PNG

7. Save the format, the page is now a local page.

Local page after the tagging at local level.PNG

When making a page local,  write in the grey area to the right an explanation of why the page and/or tag has been altered.

In the example above the user applied tag is in red, system generated tags for the current period are in blue and previous period in green. These colours may differ if changed by your System Administrator upon set-up.


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