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Manage Members

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Member Functionality Explained

In the Organisation overview click Members from the left panel. To invite new members to iFirm click here.

  • You will see a list of your organisation’s Wolters Kluwer Account members and their member role in the left column.
  • Selecting a member from the list will show their member role (Administrator or Regular user) as well as their product and application access in the central column.
  • The central column shows the products and applications each member has access to. Administrators have access to all applications and products.


Changing Member roles

NOTE: Members will receive an email notification if their role is changed.


If you wish a Regular member (not already an Admin) to have administrator rights, select the member and click on ‘Administrator’. You can use the same method to change an Administrator to a Regular member by clicking Regular user.

Once completed, click Save.

Remove Member

NOTE: Removing a member from iFirm will also revoke their access to CCH OneClick and finsit if your Organisation is licensed for these applications.


To remove a Member's access to the organisation,  select the individual from the Members list.

Click the 'Remove member' icon at the bottom right of the screen. Click Remove on the popup to confirm the removal.


Join Requests

Join requests are created and sent to an Administrator as an email when the 'Get invite link' process is used to invite multiple members. When a member accepts the link, creates a Wolters Kluwer Account and verifies their email address, a Join request is created for you to review.

To view current Join requests, click the 'Join requests' tab within the Members area.


Approving Join Requests

Warning! Always check the Member name, and ensure you recognise the email address of the Join request, before accepting.

To approve a Join request, click on the blue tick next to the Members name.


  • The Member will recieve an email confirmation that their request has been approved, with a link to allow them to log into your Organisation.
  • Once you approve a Join request the member will be displayed in the Members tab, and will have Regular user access permissions.
  • Click on the member to change the permission level and grant access to the appropriate applications.

Reject Join Requests

To reject a Join request, click the red x next to the Members name.

  • A confirmation dialogue is displayed, click Reject  to proceed.


  • The Join request is deleted from your Organisation.

Pending Invites

Pending invites are created when you use the 'Invite member' process to send an invitation to an individual member. An invitation is pending until the individual accepts the request and creates a Wolters Kluwer Account

To view current Pending invites, go into the Members area and click on the 'Pending invites' tab.


Resend Invitation

To resend the invitation to the individual, click 'Resend' at the bottom of the screen.

The Resend invitation dialogue is displayed, click Yes to proceed.

Revoke Invitation

To revoke the invitation sent to the individual, click 'Revoke' at the bottom of the screen.

The Revoke invitation dialogue is displayed, click Yes to proceed.


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