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Adding papers to folders

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  • To add a financial statement, navigate to the working papers designer File > Maintenance > Working Papers > Working Papers Designer and select Financial Statements against Standard Papers


  • From the Collection list you can view either Full Accounts, Management Accounts or Lead Schedules
  • All the formats that appear in these lists come from CCH Accounts Production based on the entity you’ve chosen
  • Make sure the folder you wish to add to is selected, tick the relevant formats to add and click Import
  • You can only import working papers into the dedicated working papers folders
  • Multiple formats can be added at the same time


  • Once the working paper has been added it will be given a reference number for that section
  • The paper can be moved around within the section by dragging and dropping in the required location (the reference will automatically be updated)
MS Word/MS Excel Templates
  • MS Word or MS Excel templates can be added in the same way by selecting Templates from the Standard Papers section


  • Please see the earlier section on Template Creation for instructions on how to setup Word or Excel templates
  • relevant statutory database section where you want the folder to be inserted and click Add



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