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  • To add a link to another document on a working paper, select the Link icon on the right-hand side panel


  • Click on the figure (lead schedule) or cell/s (Excel) you want to add the link to


  • On the screen that appears, tick the working papers you wish to link to (single or multiple)
  • To add a new working paper to link to that isn’t already available in the tree, firstly select the folder you want to add it to, the select Add New 
  • See the Add Working Papers at a client level section for more detailed instructions on how to add a paper
  • The links can be viewed within the right-hand side panel under the links tab


  • Clicking on the blue arrow will take you directly to the linked paper
  • On the face of the paper, a paper clip will appear to show where the link originates from


  • Select the red cross next to unlink the paper
  • This will only remove the link. The paper will not be removed from the tree
  • The paper clip icon will show in the tree if the paper has any links within it


  • A link can be created to a page within a PDF document

    Note: the linking functionality isn’t supported for Microsoft Word documents or Images


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