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Editing a Workflow Template

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To edit steps on an existing workflow Template select File > Maintenance > Central Workflow > Standard Workflows.  Each workflow is a hyperlink, click on the hyperlink to open the window and amend the workflow steps.


Note: If a workflow is in use, a cog is displayed in the Running column  An active template cannot be edited; either cancel all ‘in progress’ instances of the workflow or open the template, select Save As and create a new template.

Renaming a Template

To rename or change deadline types on an existing workflow, select  the workflow, right click and select Edit.  An Edit workflow window appears:


On the Edit workflow dialog, the following fields can be modified:

  • the Name of the workflow template
  • the Deadline Date Type by selecting either Calendar Date or Offset Date
  • the Deadline Date Rule by selecting a calendar date or a Date Rule (if Offset Date is the Deadline Date Type)
  • the Starting Rule by selecting another Starting Rule or removing the existing one

Click OK to save changes or Cancel to discard.  Click Refresh to view the modifications.

Note: If a workflow is in use, a cog is displayed in the Running column and the edit option is greyed out.  An active workflow cannot be renamed; cancel all ‘in progress’ instances of this workflow and then rename it.


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