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Check Office

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Check Office is a workflow activity available for all workflow types in Standard and Advanced Designer. Check Office is an automated activity which checks the values of the Office field set in the Responsibility tab within Client or Contact screen.


In the example below, the activity verifies if the office London is set on the client that has the workflow started. If the client does not have the office London set, the next step in progress will be the step set as a default choice.


To set the Step Properties:

  • Enter the Name of the Check Office step.
  • Select an Office value from the Name of Choice drop down box.
  • Select the next step from As a result jump to.
  • Add multiple choices and a default choice if needed.

Users can add choices in the Step Properties of the Check Office activity for all the offices that are set within File > Maintenance> Internal > Offices. If the number of existing choices equals the number of offices and the user tries to add a new choice, the following message is displayed:


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