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Create Document

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This activity is only available if CCH Document Management is installed

The Create Document activity provides the ability to create documents based on CCH Document Management templates.

In the example below, the Client/Contact workflow contains two Create Document activities, each using a different template. If the tasks are progressed with success, two documents are created within Global Documents and also within the Document Centre tab corresponding to the client. The File Name of the created documents is the name of the template selected in the step properties of the Create Document activity.


To set the Step Properties:

  • Select a Template from the list of available CCH Document Management templates. These templates are defined under Maintenance> Document Management > Templates
  • In the From area, select an Employee Type to assign the step to, then select from the second drop down. Depending on the first select, either a person or group becomes available
  • Select a step to jump to if the Create Document step is completed
  • Select a step to jump to if the Create Document step fails to complete

Note: Create Document activity is available for all workflow subjects if CCH Document Management is installed.



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