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Features and Benefits: CCH Workflow

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What is a workflow?

A workflow in CCH Central represents a business process, and comprises of a series of steps. Here's a diagrammatic example of a VAT return process:

The workflow design defines the steps, and the order in which they are carried out. It also allows for loops and branches, where steps can be carried out in a different order depending on the circumstances or user selection. There are also automated steps which will execute without any user input (marked with the "cogs" symbol cogs.png).

Using workflows

The easiest way to progress and monitor your workflows, is to use the workflow homepage control.


This homepage control shows active workflows, and can be filtered (for example to show just a specific office or manager).

Right-clicking on this homepage control will invoke many other view features, such as the field chooser, and what the totals at the bottom represent. If you require printed reports, or wish to save a 'snapshot' for benchmarking, the Excel export feature will take into account your view settings and filters.

Advancing workflows

The currently active step will be shown as a cog or with a blue or orange background (depending on your preferred view settings). To sign off a step, right-click on the step. If this is a simple task, you will choose 'Complete Milestone', otherwise you will see 'Select Outcome'. In this case you will then choose from the options available:

signoff1.png  -  OR  -  signoff2.png signoff3.png

Advancing workflows using the tasks homepage

An alternative view of workflow is available using the 'Tasks' homepage of CCH Central. This focuses on active tasks from an individual's point of view, and will show all currently active steps (from any workflows) awaiting completion by that individual user:



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