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Usually a portfolio valuation figure is shown on the face of the accounts.

For instance, the Balance Sheet might state Investments at Cost and then have a note of the market value underneath. To facilitate this, from the Client Menu screen, Investment Ledger tab, double-click on Valuation. This option calculates the market value of the investments and posts it to the trial balance.

Once on the trial balance it can be picked up by the Accounts Formatter wherever needed. The accounts that are updated are known as the Valuation Debit and Credit accounts and are specified from the Add/Edit Client classes screen by double-clicking Nominals. When the Valuation is run the date for the valuation is requested. The system values the client holdings, not the properties, and updates the Valuation Debit and Credit accounts with the result. Unlike normal postings the accounts are updated without generating any underlying entries.

Note: if a valuation is required on the Trial Balance but not in the final accounts then this can be achieved by ticking the option Valuation Required when the Trial Balance is run. This shows the figures on the Valuation Debit and Credit accounts but does not actually update the accounts with the result. So if the Trial Balance is run again without Valuation Required ticked then the valuation is not shown.


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