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User-defined Reports

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Transaction Reporter is a powerful but simple reporting tool that allows you to design your own reports.

Transaction Reporter

The fields required on the report are dragged from a picklist on to the report design. This includes user-defined fields (i.e. extra fields defined by you and attached to clients or investments). Transaction Reporter can:

  • Report on a single client or a selection of clients.
  • Sort a report on virtually any field.
  • Filter reports so that only particular records are included.
  • Export reports into MS Word or MS Excel.

Despite all this power Transaction Reporter is very intuitive, and unlike some tools does not require a consultant or programmer to write the reports. This also makes it suitable for ad hoc reporting.

Transaction Reporter can be used for:

  • Client lists including user-defined client fields.
  • A list of bank account balances across all clients.
  • Analysis of the performance of stocks recommended by different brokers.
  • To list securities that are held by at least one client but with no up-to-date price.
  • To report on the Trust Accounts Certificate Register.

Transaction Reporter ships with a selection of reports to help you get started.

MS Excel Reports

Transaction Reporter has an extra optional module to output reports directly into an Excel spreadsheet. This is referred to as Excel Reports. Without this module Transaction Reporter can export report data to a CSV (comma-separated variable) file that can be opened in Excel. But Excel Reports goes much further than this. The idea is that Transaction Reporter supplies the raw data into hidden worksheets and the user formats this data in visible worksheets to produce an Excel report or chart. The user can write his own spreadsheets or use templates supplied.

The templates supplied include:

  • PortfolioByRegion.xls. Produce a pie chart showing the breakdown of a client s portfolio by region.
  • FundsUnderManagement.xls. Produce a graph showing the three largest clients by market value as a proportion of total funds under management.

Once the spreadsheet has been designed an operator can run one of these Excel Reports as easily as running a report that is built into Trust Accounts. Some reports are designed to be run for a single client, like the PortfolioByRegion report; others are designed as cross-client reports like the FundsUnderManagement report.

There is also a facility to run a single report for multiple clients. The results can be printed directly or saved as separate spreadsheets, one for each client. So a user can produce PortfolioByRegion reports for several clients in a single operation.


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