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Merging security codes

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If a security is in use on a client then it cannot be deleted. But it can happen that a Trust Accounts database ends up with two codes for the same security. For instance, a user might have created a security manually when the same security has come through automatically from a data feed on a different code. Because of this, there is a new facility that allows a security to be deleted even if it is in use, by reassigning all its holdings to an alternative security code. This process of removing duplicate security codes is often described as “deduping”, or merging security codes.

To delete a security code that is in use:

  • Select the security on the Securities List and click the Delete button.
  • A warning appears:


  • If you select Yes then you can select the replacement security.
  • Upon accepting it, all transactions and holdings that refer to the old security are transferred to the new one and the old security code is then deleted.


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