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Changing Nominal Codes

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This topic describes how to change the nominal chart for some or all clients to a new master chart of accounts. There are 2 possible approaches:

  • Changing nominal accounts for all clients in a client class, and
  • Changing the nominal accounts for a subset of clients in a client class.

Changing Nominal Accounts Globally

If the nominal codes need to be changed for all clients in a client class then this can be done globally for all clients in a single operation. This uses the fact that if a nominal code is changed in the client class then the change "ripples down" to affect all clients in the client class. This happens when you exit from the Master Chart screen for the client class.

This is described in detail here

Changing Nominal Accounts on Some Clients

If the nominal codes need to be changed for a subset of clients in a client class then this is done by moving them to a different client class and mapping the old codes to the new codes at the same time. The user prepares a CSV file that gives the correct code mappings. Then at Year End, the option Change Client Class is selected and the mapping spreadsheet is selected. This changes the client to be in the new client class and the nominals are mapped to those of the new client class at the same time.

This needs to be done client by client, but typically the mapping spreadsheet is reused.

This is described in detail here.

Clients with Non-Standard Accounts

There are two cases here:

  • Clients With a few Non-standard Accounts It is quite common for clients to have a few non-standard nominal accounts which have been used for different purposes on different clients. In this case the user should perform a journal from the non-standard accounts to the standard accounts. This is a manual process.
  • Clients with a Totally Nonstandard Nominal Ledger Sometimes a client is found whose nominal ledger is completely non-standard.  One solution here is to use Edit Client > Ledgers and untick Nominal Ledger.  When OK is clicked, all the nominal ledger postings are deleted and the client is converted back to a “SecTAX client”, i.e. it only has an investment ledger containing the security history.  Once the old nominal ledger has been removed, go back into Edit Client and switch it back on again. Go into the client and enter the correct opening trial balance.

Changing the Format Type

The master pages and Statutory Database that a user sees in Accounts Production are determined by the Format Type in Nominal Client Details. Neither Changing Nominal Accounts Globally nor Changing Nominal Accounts on Some Clients changes the Format Type. If you need to move to a different Format Type then you must:

  • Delete the existing Accounts Production data, i.e. local pages and Statutory Database entries. This is done by using Edit Client > Unlink to unlink the client from Central.
  • Change the Format Type in Nominal Client Details.
  • Go back into Accounts Formatting to relink the client to the new master pages and Statutory Database.

Note: that there is no way of converting the Statutory Database entries from the old Format Type to the new. They always need to be deleted.


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