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How to backup a CCH Trust Accounts client using ZIP

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The option to Zip requests a client to zip up and the name of the file it is to be zipped to. By default the file is named from the client code and is placed in a folder called Backups underneath the Trust Accounts data directory.

Select File >Zip highlight the client click OK decided where you are saving the file and what you want to call it, click save. You then get the following which will remind you what you called the file and where it was saved.

The Zip option adds the following to the zip file:

  • A copy of the client's Trust Accounts data in the same format as that created by File > Export.
  • A copy of the client's accounts pages, both those created using the Viztopia formatter and those created using the Accounts Production formatter.
  • A copy of the client Accounts Formatting database information.

The advantage of using Zip over Export is that both the data and the accounts pages are copied together. 




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