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Installing CCH Accounts Production

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CCH Accounts Production is a free-of-charge replacement for the Viztopia formatter. However, some training is required to use it, and this is not free. An order needs to be placed to use the new formatter and your Wolters Kluwer Account Manager can provide further details.


After ordering, the CCH Central software will need to be installed or updated. What is installed depends on what CCH Central software the practice was previously using:

CCH Central software previously in use What is installed
No CCH Central applications The installation needs to install the CCH Central programs, a SQL Server database called Central and a SQL Server database called Document for the accounts pages.
Some CCH Central applications, but not CCH Accounts Production or CCH Document Management. In this case, the CCH Central software needs to be updated and the Document database is installed.
Some Central applications, including CCH Accounts Production or CCH Document Management. In this case only the CCH Central software needs to be updated.


  • It is important to be aware if databases are installed as these need to be backed up going forwards.
  • The CCH Central software that is installed or updated includes CCH Accounts Production and the CCH Document WCF Service, even though Accounts Production itself does not need to be licensed (see Licensing below).
  • The software installation is usually performed automatically using the Central Suite Installer. The database installation requires assistance from the WK TAA Support team.


Once the software has been installed, licensing for Trust Accounts’ link to Accounts Formatting is shown on the Help > About > Licensing screen in Central. The option is called Central\Trust Accounts AP Link as highlighted below. Some users will also be licensed for CCH Accounts Production itself, but it is not required for the link. Users with the Trust Accounts AP Link are able to use CCH Accounts Production for producing the accounts, but data entry, investments, CGT etc. all remain in CCH Trust Accounts.


There is no licensing required for the link within CCH Trust Accounts.


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