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Error on converting CCH Trust Accounts Viztopia Accounts Production data to CCH Accounts Production

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On converting CCH Viztopia Accounts Production data to CCH Accounts Production from CCH Trust Accounts, you may receive an error that starts "You cannot import contacts from VIZACOMP.MDB where the version number is older than 7.3." On clicking OK, the user is taken into the Contact Import Wizard on the screen where the VIZACOMP.MDB file is selected. This screen is not usually shown on a VAP conversion performed from CCH Trust Accounts and the user cannot proceed as the Next button is disabled.

There are two possible causes:

1. CCH Viztopia Accounts Production really is a version that is older than 7.30. If this is the case, proceed as follows:

  • Visit the CCH Trust Accounts Download Page in the CCH Software Support Centre
  • Download the latest version of CCH Viztopia Accounts Production.
  •  Install it
  • Go into CCH Viztopia Accounts Production from a CCH Trust Accounts client which will complete the upgrade to the latest version.

2. CCH Viztopia Accounts Production is 7.30 or above but the VIZACOMP.MDB file has not upgraded correctly to the latest version. To fix the VIZACOMP.MDB file proceed as follows:

  • All users should exit CCH Trust Accounts.
  • Browse to the CCH Trust Accounts programs folder which is usually called WTRUMP.
  • Tools > Update Statutory DatabaseRun QTRUMP32.exe and select 
  • The program shows the version of both the live Statutory Database and the template Statutory Database. Both may show as 7.30, but we ignore this to force the system to update the Statutory Database to the latest version.

NOTE: The upgrade can take up to one hour.  (Sometimes the screen display is not updated until the upgrade completes.)  After the first stage you are asked to confirm that you wish to perform the second stage, described as Database Update.


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