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Converting Accounts pages from VAP: Automatic changes

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After linking CCH Trust Accounts to CCH Central, the user can convert a client from CCH Accounts Production (VAP) to CCH Accounts Production.

This section describes changes that are made automatically when an accounts page is converted.



Adding =AP(“”) or TA(“”)

TA(“”) is only used for the sched command

Adding styles

VAP supports direct cell formatting, but in AP every cell has a style that determines the cell format. The conversion adds styles automatically, although some manual changes may be required (see below).

Updating PageRange commands

VAP supports commands such as =PageRange,4,0. The parameter 4 means the fourth page in the page index. AP does not support this syntax. So the conversion changes the command to =AP(“PageRange,page4acc,0”) automatically. However this change only happens if a whole client is being converted. If an individual page is being converted using Browse to Format then the page references will need to be updated manually.

Replace #total commands

They are replaced with SUM() commands where possible.

Replacing schedpagerange commands

AP does not have a schedpagerange command. So the conversion converts the command to =AP(“PageRange,pagesched,0”). Note that it assumes the investment schedule page is called PAGESCHED. If not, the commands will need to be amended manually.

Convert =RangeDef,0020..005Z,,a,-1,0,ab



AP does not support the “..“ syntax within a RangeDef.

Convert:  =a,6051+a,7051

To: =AP(“(a,6051+a,7051)”)

The extra brackets are required as explained in the Differences from VAP.

Convert: =be2,#1 #2

To: =AP(“be2,#51 #52”)

The field codes for Personnel have changed as explained in Contacts.

Convert : =pr24,... to: =AP("#de1,...")

Convert: =#te2,... to =AP("#pe2,...")

[ Estates only ] The formulae for the deceased and for personal representatives are different in AP from VAP. 

Convert Enhanced text to merged cells

AP does not have the concept of Enhanced Text, but supports merged cells like Excel.

Convert: {LastPage}

To: {LastNotePage}

AP does not support a LastPage command.

Convert certain ‘DST+1’ formulae

To using Excel date arithmetic
[ Estates only ] VAP supported a date format of ‘DST+1’ meaning to add 1 on to a day. This was used on the Income Accounts to calculate the period start date as one day after the previous period end date. This is converted to a rather complicated expression using Excel date formulae. This conversion is only performed if the headings match the CCH master headings.


For a trust or probate client, the different VAP Contacts are converted as follows:

Type in VAP

Relationship in Central

Example Formula


Has settlor of

=AP("#st1,#51 #52")

Where #st1 is the first settlor, #51 is the first name and #52 is the last name.


Has auditor of


Where #2 gives the Pre Name and Main name


Has trustee of

=AP("#te1,#51 #52")


Has beneficiary of

=AP("#be1,#51 #52")


Has solicitor of



Has bank/(bs) of (accts prod)


Investment Advisors

Has investment advisor of


Other Advisors

Has other advisor of

=AP("#oa1,#2"). See also Contacts.


Has testator of

=AP("#de1,#51 #52")

Personal Representatives

Has personal representative of

=AP("#pe1,#51 #52")