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The Conversion Process

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The steps to be followed are:

  1. Linking the client to Central. Usually the Trust Accounts client will be automatically linked to Central as part of the conversion. But if the Central client already exists and has a different code from the Trust Accounts client, then they should be linked manually as explained above before proceeding.
  2. Go into Nominal Client Details and change the Accounts Formatter from Viztopia to Accounts Prod.:


  1. After clicking OK go into Accounts Formatting.
  2. If the client does not exist in Central, the system asks “This client does not exists in Central do you wish to create it?”. Click Yes.
  3. If the client has data in VAP such as details of beneficiaries or local accounts pages, the system asks “This client has not yet been converted from VAP to AP. Do you wish to convert it now?” Click Yes.
  4. If Central is not already running, Trust Accounts offers to start it. The user must then log in and, once logged in, the conversion starts. (Do not log in as the unspec employee). If it takes longer than a minute to log in, Trust Accounts asks “Cannot connect to Central database. Do you want to retry?”. (Tip: This message may not be visible if Central is open in front of Trust Accounts. If nothing seems to be happening in Central then check Trust Accounts). If you click Yes Trust Accounts waits another minute. If you click No then the conversion is abandoned.
  5. The Contact Import Wizard is displayed (see below). In this example, we have ticked the tick box to the left of the client name. This means we wish to bring the VAP contacts into Central. If these contacts are already set up, e.g. for Personal Tax, then you would not tick here. (See the Warning below).  If you wish to see which contacts are going to be imported, click the arrow to the left of the tick box. Click Import.


  1. If the client is not ticked, the message “No data to import” is displayed. Click OK and the system goes on to create the Accounting Period as at step 12 below.
  2. If the client is ticked above, the client is created in Central, the contacts are imported, and associations are created to indicate that the contacts are beneficiaries etc. This takes a few seconds.
  3. If any associations are created, the user is given the chance to export a list of the created associations to Excel. Most users ignore this and click OK. The screen warns that you have not exported the associations. Click Yes to continue.
  4. The number of imported or linked contacts is shown. Click OK.
  5. The system now goes on to create an Accounting Period, import the Statutory Database data, import any local accounts pages and import the trial balance. This can take a couple of minutes; do not interrupt this process.

This completes the conversion.





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