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Navigation overview

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Basic Navigation in CCH Trust Accounts

When first accessing CCH Trust accounts, the list of Clients will be presented as follows (See Navigation 1b.jpg below):

Navigation 1.jpg

The client and period currently selected is indicated in the row below the menu icons at the top of the screen. See Navigation 1a.jpg above.

This will change as you choose different clients in the table.

Navigation 2.jpg

There are generally three ways of selecting a menu item once a client has been chosen and highlighted in the Clients screen.

  1. The left hand task bar -  Navigation 1c.jpg above.
  2. The top menu - Navigation 1d.jpg above.
  3. Double clicking on the row selected or clicking the Goto button on the right hand side of the Clients screen - Navigation 1e.jpgabove.

For example to access Accounts formatting:

Using the left hand task bar.
  • Ensure Nom. Ledger is selected in the left hand task bar (it is by default when first accessing CCH Trust Accounts, if not click on the heading Nom. Ledger) and Click on Accounts formatting.

 Navigation 3.jpg

Using the Top menu 
  • Click on Activities > Nominal Ledger > Accounts Formatting...

Navigation 4.jpg

Using the Goto button or double clicking on the row in the client list to access the Client Menu.

navigation 5.jpg

The Find Button

This window allows you to search for a client based on part, or all, of the client name or code (depending on the radio button setting at the bottom of the window).

Find button.jpg

Enter all or part of the name/code which you wish to search for. Note that wildcards (?, *) are not valid.

For example:

To search for the surname SMITH

Entering SM would find the first client whose surname begins with SM and display the list from that client onwards.

The more characters you specify as the search string the more selective the search will be.

To close the window without making a search press the Cancel button or ESC.

Note: From 2022.1 the Find button on the Client List would only return the first record that matched the search criteria. It now shows all matches. If there are several matches they are listed and a tick box for Only clients found appears and is ticked. Untick the tickbox to return to the full list of clients.



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