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Totals and Sorts

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Note: After you have selected which fields to include in a report, you are able to further refine the report using totals, sorts and filters in the Change Reports window.


Totals can be added at either the group level or the report level; they are then displayed after each group of data and/or at the end of the entire report. For example, if you choose to group data by Partner, you can choose to insert a total (Sum, Count, Average, Minimum or Maximum) after each Partner’s data. Additionally, you can insert a total for all partners at the end of the report.

Add Totals to a Report

Ensure you are in the New Report or Change Report window.

  1. In the field listing, click in the Total column of the row you want to add totals to.
  2. Click the drop down button to display all the options.
  3. In the Options window, click in the Sum check boxes for the Report and for the Group. This will total the column and for the entire report.
  4. Click on OK to close the Options window. Notice that the field table is updated with the totals icon  to indicate that some sort of totals are defined for that field.

Useful Information! Any set of data within a report can be sorted either alphabetically or numerically, depending on the data type.

Charge the sort order in a Report

  1. Ensure you are in the Change Report window.
  2. In the field listing, click in the Sort check box alongside the field that you want to sort by.

Note: By default, a report is sorted by the field or fields you have selected for grouping data. Any additional sorts that you specify is only be applied within each group of data.


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