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Features and Benefits: Smart Reports

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CCH Smart Reports allow you to very quickly generate standard reports for your practice. You need to select a report from the saved reports and run it. Prior to previewing the report you may be prompted to specify filters. For example, to specify Partner name so as to restrict the report to just one partner’s clients.

Features and Benefits

If the CCH Smart Reports do not suit your purpose, CCH Smart Reports tools allow you to Change a report. In addition to filters, CCH Smart Reports allow you to group data, sort data and total data. This would allow you to sum WIP by office or by Partner, for example, and to sort the data alphabetically or numerically.

Having selected your data, CCH Smart Reports also allow you to export a report from the Preview window. This feature makes further manipulation of data (in Excel) or distribution of data (via PDF) very easy.

In summary, the CCH Smart Reports allow you to:

  • Run standard reports for your practice.

  • Apply filters to a report so as to limit the data included in the report.

  • Group, sort and total data within reports.

  • Export report data to Excel or to a PDF or html file.

  • Perform ad hoc queries against your data.

If your requirements are more complex, then you can use CCH Reporting which is a  you are able to design customised reports to suit your specific needs.



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