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Combining Documents

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The Merge Pages option (In the Pages group in the ribbon) allows you to move pages from one or more documents into  another.

To Combine Documents

You can use the following methods to combine documents.

To insert pages from one document into another
  1. Click on the page in the document that you are bringing pages into that you want the new pages to be added after.
  2. Hold down the Ctrl key and click to select the pages that you want to move from the other document(s).
  3. Click on Merge Pages in the Pages group in the ribbon.
To join all documents in the Scan Thumbnail Pane
  1. Click on the last page of the document that you want to add the other documents to.
  2. Click the Select All Pages option in the Pages group in the ribbon.
  3. Click Merge Pages.
To move individual pages from one document to another.
  1. Click and drag the page that you want to move.
  2. When you reach the position in the new document that you want to move the page to a red bar will appear. At this point you can release the mouse button.



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