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Task Permissions: CCH Reporting

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New Task Permissions have been created for the Reporting product; click on main menu File > Maintenance > Security > Task Permissions then select the product Reporting and then select the security group where those permissions will be applied. On the example below the permissions will be applied to Central Admin security group.

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Reporting Access

Task Permission


Other - #can add other people's favourites

Allows a user to add a report to Favourites for other employees

Other - #can remove other people's favourites

Allows a user to remove a report from Favourites for other employees

Other - #Reporting #Can Access

Allows access into the Reporting product

Other - #Reporting #Can Create

Allows a user to create a report

Other - #Reporting #Can Delete

Allows a user to delete a report

Other - #Reporting #Can Set Permission

Allows a user to set security group permissions for viewing/editing reports

Field Access

Within standard CCH Task Permissions, each plug in provides their own security task items.  Within CCH Reporting this is also the case.  Each plug in is responsible for providing security on all the fields available within the product. 

By default all fields are set to allow for all security groups, therefore, Administrators are required to remove any security permissions where necessary. 

The reporting field permissions are found within the Task Permission tab, select the Product (Central, Accounts Production etc), select the Security Group and expand the sections related to reports (Reporting, Reports and Smart Reports): the access to the report fields are distributed across the products.

Reporting - task permission 2.PNG

Report Category

Access to the Reporting Category maintenance screen is controlled by a permission key, under the Product Central, within the main menu File > Maintenance > Security > Task Permissions.

  • Maintenance – [Maintenance][User Defined][Report Category]


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