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Check Statement Due

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Check Statement Due is a workflow step available when creating a Practice Management workflows in Standard or Workflow Designer. Check Statement Due uses a Date Rule in conjunction with the field present within the Client > Defaults Tab > Last Statement Date to calculate when to send out the next statement. Note: Last Statement Date is a field present within a clients’ Defaults tab and is populated only when the Convert Smart Report to PDF step (with a Debtors Statement attached) has been successfully run within a Practice Management type workflow.  The field is updated with the date the report was run.


Check Statement Due is a pass/fail step. 

  • If no date present eg; this is the first run, populate the date within the Defaults tab with the date ran, only after the next step [Convert Smart Report to PDF] has completed successfully.
  • Date present eg; Date rule set for 30 Days after Date step started.  Last Statement Date populated with 01/04/2018.  On 11 May workflow is started, 30 days have passed since 01/04/2018 – therefore statement is now due.

Note:  Depending on the Term type/Days set within the Clients >Defaults tab (for the Bill Due Date Task), plus the Date rule applied for Check Statement Due the next debtor statement being sent out for the client may be longer than 1 month.



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