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Bill Due Date Task

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The Bill Due Date Task activity checks the Due Date within the Debtor Enquiry.


Bill Due Date Task is a workflow step available when creating a CCH Practice Management workflow in Standard or Workflow Designer.

The Bill Due Date Task activity provides the ability to create a workflow with a step that will be automatically completed once the bill has passed the due date.

Note! for this type of step to work, the system workflow scheduler needs to be set.

To start the system workflow, select File > Maintenance > Central Workflow >Notifications. Click on the Delay Activity Scheduler tab:


Setting the system workflow scheduler

Note: if your system already uses the Central DueDate task, it is likely that this will already be set.

Within the Delay Activity Scheduler tab:

  • Set the system workflow run frequency.
  • Set the start time for system workflow to check for expired Bill Due Date Task or Central Due Date Task activities.
  • Select Start button to apply the system workflow.

Note! If the system workflow is not started the Bill Due Date Task cannot be completed.


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