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Setting up Custom Fields

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Note: You can set up Custom fields to record additional information about a contact, client, employee or assignment where the value can be different in each instance. A typical custom field is Date of Birth. Custom fields appear in the Extra tab on the Assignment, Contact, Client, Employee and Assignment pages

Set up Custom Field

  1. On the main menu, click Maintenance > User Defined > Custom Fields.
  2. In the Custom Fields window, in the blank row at the top, enter the name of the Custom Field you are setting up.
  3. Select the relevant check boxes based on what pages you want the Extra Tab to display the field. For example, display the field on the Extra tab of the:
  4. Assignment Page
  5. Contact Page which includes the Client Page
  6. Employee Page
  7. Campaign Page
  8. Select the check box in the Is Mandatory column if you want the field to be mandatory in all areas where it is displayed. Mandatory fields show a small red triangle shows like this Mandatory field red triangle.  This icon appears if the user tries to skip the field. They cannot move forward until the field is completed.
  9. Select the type of information to be entered as a value from the drop down list of Data Type.
  10. To set up additional fields, press [Enter] and repeat steps 2 to 5.
  11. When you have finished setting up the fields, click OK to save the data and close the Custom Fields window.


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