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Setting up Custom Categories

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Custom categories are set up with a list of pre–defined values when a set number of values apply. For example, you could define a custom category called ‘Newsletter’, and define if a client receives your newsletter or not. The values for this would be ‘Yes’ and ‘No’. Custom categories always appear on the Extra tab available under the Assignment Page, Contact Page, Client Page, Employee Page and Assignment Page

Set up Custom Category

  1. On the main menu, click Maintenance > User Defined > Custom Categories.
  2. In the 'Custom Categories' window, in the blank row at the top of table, enter the name of the Category. To modify the category name, edit the text directly.
  3. To make the category available on the Contact Page > Extra tab, select the Contact check box. To remove the category from the page, clear the check box.
  4. To make the category available on the Employee > Extra tab, select the Employee check box. To remove the category from the page, clear the check box.
  5. To make the category mandatory for users to enter, select the Is Mandatory check box.
  6. Select the Data Type from the drop down list. The options are Text, Flag and Number.
  7. If required, select a Default Value from the drop down list.
  8. Press [Enter]. The new category moves to the bottom of the table, a new blank row is created at the top, and a + sign appears next to the new category.
  9. To set up category options, click the + sign next to the category. The table expands to display a new row for values. Clicking the - sign will collapse the table.
  10. Enter a Value. To modify a Value name, edit the text directly.
  11. To enter additional values, press [Enter]. A new Value row is created.
  12. Enter the next Value, repeating steps 11 to 12 till you have entered all the values for the new Custom Category.
  13. To enter additional categories, repeat steps 2 to 13.
  14. When you have finished setting up Custom Categories, click OK to save the changes and close the window.


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