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Setting up Timesheet Authorisation Operation Mode

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The Timesheet Authorisation Mode allows a flexible approach to authorising and billing time from Timesheets. It provides a choice between a sliding scale of authorisation processes — from the more controlled submit, authorise, post by employees with the authority to do so — to the employee posting time immediately it is entered. Posting moves the time into the WIP for billing to the client. Authorising means an authorised employee checks and validates entries on a timesheet. Submitting a timesheet makes the time available for authorisation. The time is unposted and cannot be billed unless set up for Project Based Authorisation or immediate WIP posting.

Set up Timesheet Authorisation Operation Mode

The person set up with the authority to process timesheets under this mode must be part of the Assignment Team carrying out work for the Client.

  1. From the Main Menu, select Maintenance > Time Setup > Timesheet Authorisation Mode. The Timesheet Authorisation Mode window opens.

  1. Select one of the following:

Standard VPM

  • It gives strict control over the authorisation and billing process. Entire timesheets are authorised using the standard Submit, Authorise and Post process and only by an employee with appropriate authorisation rights – based upon line management structure.
  • Timesheets require authorisation
  • Unposted WIP cannot be posted separately.

Project Based Authorisation

  • Timesheets are posted during billing but only by an employee with rights – based upon their role/team responsibility.
  • Timesheets skip the Submit and Authorise process and move direct to Post so that the time is available for billing. The Submit and Authorise process remains in place but only to capture missing timesheets and required hours.
  • Entire timesheets still require overall submission, authorisation, and posting
  • Unposted WIP entries can be posted separately
  • The employee posting the WIP must be member of client/assignment team.

Removal of Authorisation

  • The Submit and Authorise process is switched off. Any employee can Post a whole Timesheet so that time is available for billing.
  • Switches off the timesheet submittal and approval mechanism
  • Timesheets do not require authorisation
  • Unposted WIP cannot be posted separately.

Project Based Authorisation, no Authorisation on Timesheet

  • An employee can Post a line or a whole Timesheet at anytime. There is no Submit or Authorise process. Once the employee has completed their timesheet entries, they select the Post button.
  • A combination of the previous three options
  • Timesheets do not require authorisation
  • Unposted WIP can be posted separately.

WIP Posted, no Authorisation on Timesheet

  • All lines and timesheets are available for billing immediately they are added. Posting is available to capture missing hours only.
  • WIP immediately posted. No Timesheet authorisation.
  • Timesheets do not require authorisation. Posting of timesheets is for time enforcement purposes only.
  • All WIP lines are posted and available for billing immediately when added.
  1. Click 'OK'to save and close the window.


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