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Setting up a new Bill Sequence

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The Bill Sequencing window is used to add and maintain the bill sequencing process for the practice.

Set up new Bill Sequence

  1. On the main menu, click Maintenance > Miscellaneous > Bill Sequencing.

  2. In the Bill Sequencing window, in the top row of the table, select the Subscriber name for the bill sequence.
    Subscribers must be created beforehand in the Internal > Replication > Subscriber List in the back office before they can be assigned to a bill sequence.

  3. Select the Company for the bill sequence from the drop down list.
    Companies must be created in Maintenance > Internal > Companies before they can be assigned to a bill sequence.

  4. Select the Office from the drop down list.
    Offices must be created in Maintenance > Internal > Offices before they can be available in the drop down list.)

  5. Enter the start of the range in the Range Start cell.

  6. Enter the end of the range in the Range End cell.

  7. To modify any of the fields above, use the drop down lists or, in the case of text fields - edit the text directly.

  8. Enter the subscriber name of the sequence that follows this one.

  9. If you have finished setting up bill sequencing, click OK to save the settings and close the Bill Sequencing window.

Once the above steps have been completed, two configuration keys will need to be entered in File > Maintenance > User Defined > Configuration:

Key Name Key Value

One of the following (depending on what was chosen in the steps above):





Subscriber 1

Once the configration keys have been entered, it is essential that CCH Central is shut down and restarted in order for the keys to take effect.


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