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Setting up Company Code Nominal

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On the Company Code Nominal window you can select a Nominal account based on the company and code combination. Selection of the Company Code Nominal allows the practice to classify the type of work carried out to the level of activities or tasks within an assignment.

Nominal Code Types

Nominal codes are usually split into four groups:

  • Time: Codes types which could be in this group are Meeting with clients, Preparation of tax return, Data entry and Accountancy.

  • Disbursements: This may include the type Photocopying, Travel and Couriers.

  • Miscellaneous charges: For example, credit note or start-up charge.

  • Estimates to complete: Estimates are used to raise fees for clients before WIP has been entered or posted.  You may want to define types for estimates for tax free estimate billing, or one for exports.

Set up Company Code Nominal

  1. On the main menu, click Maintenance > Ledger Maintenance > Company Code Nominal.

  2. In the Company Code Nominal window, from the Company drop down list, select the company for which you are setting up the nominal account.

  3. From the Code Type drop down list, select the nominal code for tasks.

  4. Click OK.


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