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Setting up Association Types

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Association Types are used to create links between clients and contacts so that employees know where there are relationships between contacts or clients.

Examples of Association Types

For example, a company could be associated with its director, or a husband with his wife. This allows employees to easily move from one client to another when they are working with related groups.

Each association type is defined by entering the relationship and the opposite relationship. This allows the relationship to be defined from both sides. Examples of association types are:


Opposite Association

Has Director …

Is Director of …

Husband of …

Wife of …

The application comes with a number of default association types.

Association Types are added, deleted or edited by the system administrator.

Set up Association Type

  1. On the main menu, click Maintenance > Internal > Association Types.
  2. In the Association Types window, in the blank row at the top, enter the Association.
  3. Refer to the examples above.
  4. Enter the Opposite Association.
  5. To modify an Association or Opposite Association, edit the text directly.
  6. When you have finished making changes, click OK to save the information and close the window.


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