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Setting up Phone Numbers, Website and Email Addresses

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Set up phone numbers, website and email address

  1. Select File > Maintenance > System > Address/Phone > Phone number and Email address.
    The Phone number and Email address window opens in the content area.
    The window displays a table that lists the descriptions in the first column and displays check boxes in the remaining columns that allow you to define a phone number as the Primary Tel, Primary Fax, Primary Mob numbers.


  1. In the Description cell, enter or edit the description for the contact information (such as Home Ph, Home Fax, Board number, etc).  The description provides you with additional information about the various phone and fax numbers, as well as websites and email accounts, a contact may have.

  2. Select the appropriate check box to define a phone number as the Primary Tel, Primary Fax or Primary Mob number.  If you have just entered the description for a website or email address, select the appropriate check box to define it as the Primary Email, Web or Email.


Only one check box can be selected per column. In other words, you cannot have more than one Primary Tel, Primary Fax or Primary Mob numbers. However, the same Description can be defined as the Primary Tel, Primary Fax as well as Primary Mob number.
  1. Click OK to save the Description and close the window.


On contact details pages, you can enter various numbers for contacts, clients and suppliers such as office phone, home phone, direct number, etc, providing these phone number types have been set up in the system. Using the Phone number and Email address window you can differentiate between the various numbers a contact may have.



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