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Setting up a new Address Type

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How to set up a NEW Address Type

Set up a new Address Type

  1. Select File > Maintenance > Address/Phone > Address Type.
  2. The Address Type window opens in the content area. The window displays a table that lists the types in the first column and displays check boxes in the remaining columns allowing you to define an Address Type as the Primary, Billing or Statement address.
  3. In the blank row at the top of the table, enter the Address Type in the Description column.clipboard_ea62d81172a7bf6c7f642aa556ae771c0.png
  4. Select the appropriate check box to make the new Address Type the Primary, Billing, or Statement address.

    Note: Only one check box can be selected per column.

    In other words, you cannot have more than one Primary, Billing or Statement address.

    However, the same Address Type can be defined as the Primary, Billing as well as Statement address.

  5. Click OK to save the new Address Type and close the window.




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