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VAT Invoices to Print

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To complete the Request for Payment billing process, once payment has been made by the client, there is the ability to produce a VAT Invoice from within the software.

VAT Invoices to Print 

Once a receipt has been allocated against a RFP type bill, there is a requirement to produce a VAT Invoice. To produce this document you will need to:

  1. Receipt, allocate and post the payment against the RFP
  2. Select the Billing tab


  1. Select VAT Invoices to Print


  1. You will be taken to a screen showing any VAT Invoices previously produced but not yet marked as Printed
  2. Select Create New


  1. A window will appear listing all the VAT Invoices awaiting creation. Select Create (please note, it is not possible to select individual VAT Invoices to create)


  1. Once a VAT invoice has been generated, users can choose to either generate a PDF, ‘generate and email’ the PDF, or publish to OneClick. Once sent, the VAT Invoices can be marked as Printed OK to clear from the list.

A VAT Invoice History screen is available in which users can view, generate a PDF, ‘generate and email’ the PDF, or publish to OneClick historic VAT Invoices

VAT Invoice address

By default, the address used on a VAT Invoice is the address that was used when generating the original RFP. This can, however, cause issues where the client had changed address between the date of the original RFP and the creation of the VAT Invoice.

A configuration key can be entered which, when set, uses the following rules to determine which address to use when generating the VAT Invoice:

  • If there is a default Billing address on the client then this will be used
  • If no Billing address exists on the client, then Primary address is used
  • If neither Billing nor Primary addresses exist, then the address from the original RFP is used.

This only applies to VAT Invoices raised on or after setting the configuration key, it will not change historically generated VAT Invoices.

 Configuration key

The following configuration key needs to be entered in File > Maintenance > User Defined > Configuration

Key Name Key Value Comments
PMVATAddress 0 When creating a VAT Invoice, the address used is the same as the address as the RFP Request
PMVATAddress 1 When creating a VAT Invoice, where a Billing address is present, this is the address used, or if not present, then the Primary address is used.

The Key value being set to 0 or not present, results in no change to current behaviour.


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