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Recurring/Non-Recurring Fees

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Practice Management gives users the ability to categories billed WIP between recurring and non-recurring fees.

Recurring/Non-Recurring Fees

CCH Practice Management enables users to categorise billed WIP between recurring and non-recurring fees. To activate this functionality a configuration key is required:


The Recurring and Non-Recurring columns appear within Stage 2 of the billing wizard once the configuration key is set. A Key Value of zero results in no change to Stage 2 of the Billing Wizard.


If a practice uses auto-estimates, this area is not fully supported with this functionality. In most cases it will work with no issue, but in a few obscure situations, where an autoestimate has been entered and then edited, the figures may not automatically refresh without drilling down on the transactions.

Setting Assignment Recurring Flag

A Recurring checkbox is present on the Assignment template screen and onto the main tab of an individual assignment. The purpose of this Recurring flag is to enable an automatic split during billing.

Assignment Templates

By setting the recurring flag against an Assignment Template and using the ‘Add from Template’ option to create assignments, the recurring flag is inherited automatically.

Assignments Main Tab

The recurring flag can be added or removed manually on an assignment by assignment basis from within each Assignment’s Main tab. There is an option to bulk update this flag within the Find Assignments screen.

Recurring/ Non-recurring within Billing Wizard

When creating an invoice and entering the bill amount on Stage two, the value is automatically split between recurring and non-recurring. The split is determined by whether the Recurring flag is present or not on the clients’ assignments. The user can manually override the amount split between recurring and non-recurring.

A summary of this information is displayed in the Authorisation Screen/final stage of the billing wizard:


Credit Notes

By default all credit notes are automatically set to Non-recurring. On an individual basis, credit notes can be manually over-ridden and set to recurring where necessary.

If the credit note has been done using a miscellaneous charge, the recurring allocation can not be overridden at transaction level as misc charges are non-editable. If you do need wish to override the split, group the transactions by Code Type and enter the split at the grouped level.

 Home Pages

It is possible to show the recurring and non-recurring fields within the Bills to Approve homepage control.


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