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Bills and CCH Document Management

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CCH Practice Management has levels of integration with CCH Document Management, such as storing posted bills and VAT Receipts.

Billing integration with CCH Document Management

CCH Practice Management integrates with CCH Document Management in the way of automatically storing posted bills in a client's document centre. This is controlled by a configuration key:

Key Name Key Value Comment
PMDMEnable 1 Enable Document Management integration into Practice Management
PMDMEnable 0 Disables Document Management integration into Practice Management


Your practice must be licenced for and using CCH Document Management along with the relevant system document types configured. For more information, please see your system administrator and view the user document relating to CCH Document Management.

Regeneration of Bills and VAT Receipts in CCH Document Management

If bills are uploaded to CCH Document Management and then subsequently destroyed, if that bill is then previewed by Practice Management, a new copy of the bill is uploaded to CCH Document Management.

This will only be necessary if there was an issue when the bill was originally uploaded.

The VAT Receipt works in the same manner.


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