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Using miscellaneous charges in billing

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A miscellaneous charge is a cost that you want to pass on to a client that has not been raised as a timesheet or expense item. It is often a fixed amount that you have been billed for on a client’s behalf, or a one-off fee such as payment for registering a company or a standard cost associated with the commencement of an assignment. They can also be used for entering opening debtor balances into the ledger. You can apply a miscellaneous charge to any client assignment, regardless of whether it has billable WIP against it.

Entering Miscellaneous Charges

There are two ways of using miscellaneous charges:

  • If you want to use a miscellaneous charge to increase the amount of WIP held against the client's assignment you would raise the charge from the Misc/Est tab on the Assignment page. This will display as a miscellaneous charge on reports, but will not increase the amount recorded as time and expenses. You can then select this amount when billing as you would any other WIP amount. These charges are entered against the logged in employee.

  • If you only want to increase the billable amount for a client without affecting their WIP total, you should raise the charge through the Bill Amounts page. These charges are entered against the default system employee –UNSPEC–.


The display of miscellaneous charges in the Bill Paragraphs page depends on the Print Line Detail selection in the Misc list.

Print Line Detail box

For example, if Summary is selected, all miscellaneous charges for a client will be displayed as one item, whether entered prior to billing or during. If you select Detailed, they will display individually in the client's bill. Ensure that the individual item amounts match the total miscellaneous charge amount, or you will not be able to post bill.

Via the Bill Amounts window

  1. At the time of billing, in the Bill Amounts window by click the Create a Miscellaneous Charge button Create Misc Charge button.

  2. In the Create new billing charge window, specify:

  • Transaction Date – Defaults to today's date. Click the list to access a drop-down calendar from where you can select another date if required.


The miscellaneous charge date should be in the same accounting period as the invoice. This is very important for reporting purposes.
  • Type – Select the relevant type for the charge. For example, you may want various types set up to reflect different tax rates. Miscellaneous charge types are set up by the system administrator via Maintenance > System > Code Types > Misc Charge.
  • Amount – Enter the amount to be charged.

  • Notes – These are internal notes where you can explain the reason for the charge.

Via the Assignments window 

Prior to billing, in the Assignment window for the client, in the Misc/Est tab enter the charge directly into the tab. You can submit authorise and post it in the same tab.


The Implemented by field defaults to the employee creating the miscellaneous charge and the In Employee’s Time Period defaults to the current time period selected for the employee.
The Transaction date defaults to the current date.