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Defining the Invoice layout

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CCH Practice Management allows you to customise the fee layout and text that appears within a client bill. Once the bill amounts have been decided in the Bill Amounts page, the next phase in the billing creation process is to define the invoice content.

Customise Invoice

There are a number of ways to control how an invoice will look:

  • In the Billing Main window, click the Bill Paragraphs button, Bill_Paragraphs_button.png.

  • in the Bill Paragraphs window change the Print Line Detail selections. This allows you to view different levels of detail with regard to time and expenses and tailor the invoice according to client requirements or practice standards.
    The four Print Line Detail lists allow you to determine the amount of detail displayed for the various transactions you are billing.


    For each transactions type you can choose from the following options:

Summary – shows one billing paragraph for the total amount being billed.

Group by Assignment – creates a billing paragraph for each assignment being billed, for example you may have one paragraph for personal tax and another for corporate tax.

Group by Assignment Type – creates a billing paragraph for each assignment type being billed, for example you may have one paragraph for compliance work (which would include both types of tax from the above example) and another for consultancy services.

Group by Code – creates a billing paragraph for each code being billed, for example you may have one paragraph for meetings and another for administration.

Group by Employee – creates a billing paragraph for each employee against whom you are billing for the client.

Detailed – creates a billing paragraph for each transaction being billed.

  • Use Master Paragraphs to include/remove specific text.

  • Copy the contents of a previous bill for the current or another client using the Posted Bills window.

  • Enter or edit text directly into the edit field bill lines.

  • Allocate billing amounts to the billing paragraphs.

  • Apply formatting to the text, such as bolding, underlining, colour and fonts.

  • in the Billing Main window, you can change the invoice template by selecting the required one from the Style list.

  • Using Microsoft Word, preview and save the draft invoice in Microsoft Word and make edits to the text to customise the bill (once it has been approved).

Note: the templates available are Microsoft Word templates stored in a network directory. These can be configured for use by your system administrator via: File > Maintenance > Documents >Document Styles.... Alternatively, ask your CCH Consultant about additional style templates which can be created for your fees to add a personal touch to your practice’s invoices.


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