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WIP Adjustments

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There are times when the value of WIP entered against a client is not exactly the amount that will be charged at the time of billing.

WIP Adjustment Types

There are four types of WIP adjustments you can make:

  • write-ups (write ons)
  • write-offs
  • miscellaneous charges
  • estimates to complete.

Once the bill has been completed, it then needs to be submitted for review. Practice members responsible for this would then authorise and post the bill in the system. Once posted, the invoice is printed and sent to the client.

Within CCH Practice Management, bills are generated using the Billing Wizard available on the Task Bar when either the Client window or Assignment window are selected.  You can choose to bill at the assignment level for that client or at a more detailed task or employee level.

Any draft bills that have been prepared previously for a client can be viewed at any time from the Client page > Bills tab. Conveniently, a full billing history is also available for that client if required on this same tab.

Note: bills raised from the Bills tab in the Assignment page by assignment are generated and modified in the same way as billing from the Client window.


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