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Authorising and posting an Expense Sheet

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Once an Expense Sheet is submitted, the next step it to authorise and post it. This process moves the client WIP into debtors, allowing the practice to then keep track of its financial exposure. You can only approve and post an Expense Sheet if you have the access permission to do so. Expense Sheets can be authorised individually from the Timesheets tab of the Employees Details page, or if your Home Page is customised to show the Approve option, you can authorise and post more than one from your Home Page. If you want to authorise more than one Expense Sheet, click here.

Authorise and Post an Expense Sheet

  1. Open the Expense Sheet.

  2. Click the Authorise Authorise button button .
    The Authorisation Status changes to Authorised.

  3. Click the Post Post button button.
    The Authorisation Status changes to Posted.

When moving from submitted to authorised mode, the input line is locked. Only the Analysis line is available for editing:



Revert authorisation status

When reverting back to either the submitted or draft mode the following message is returned:


Yes – Deletes the nominal analysis and allows editing of the input line.
No – Leaves the user in Authorised mode.

At this stage the Corresponding Employee Purchase Invoice is also removed.

Deleting expense lines

Input lines can only be deleted when in Draft mode.


When performing an expense sheet correction, users are only permitted to add additional input line entries. The adding of additional input line entries automatically creates a new employee purchase invoice entry when either the OK button or Corrections button is clicked.

The corrections button is hidden if the corresponding employee purchase invoice is partly or fully allocated.



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