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CCH Software User Documentation

Using Assignments

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CCH Practice Management helps you carry out work for a client within a structured and organised system that allows for descriptive and accurate capture of WIP.

All time and disbursements are recorded against assignments. The Assignments module allows you to logically group the different work types into (chargeable) and internal work (non–chargeable).


When entering WIP and expenses into the system you select assignments to record them against. The assignment can either be

  • a chargeable assignment linked to a client and therefore available to raise bills against


  • non–chargeable against which you will record such things as annual leave, sick leave and training

You can also set up a standard set of assignments which you can use for each client when they ask for your services. In setting up standard assignments, you save time and ensure consistency in the workflow of the practice and estimation of the costs involved. These standard sets of assignments are called Assignment Templates.


You create a Job within a client’s assignment. Each job can contain a milestones. You can use these two features if you want to track and monitor the work you do for a client. You can also assign a budget to the job by selecting an employee and entering the budgeted number of hours. The monetary value is populated based of the selected employees Standard charge rate value.



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