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Setting up who will give secondary authorisation to an employee

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Secondary Authorisation for an employee

The practice will require a secondary authorisation on specific bills and timesheets created by an employee. An example of these circumstances may be bills where the value is over a certain amount or a timesheet where excess hours are involved.

Who will give secondary authorisation to the employee's bills and timesheets is usually setup when you complete Step 8 of the Add New Employee Wizard. However, you can set up and modify secondary authorities outside the wizard by using the Employee Details page: Authorisation tab.

  • Find the employee's record.

  • On the Employees Details page, click the Authorisation tab

  • In Authorisation Type, select Secondary.

  • In View Type select Authorised by.

  • The panel heading changes to Is Authorised By.

  • In the Is Authorised By panel, find the employee who will give 'secondary authorisation' to this employee's bills and timesheets.

  • Repeat the previous for each employee as required.

  • Click 'OK'.

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